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About Us

Core Hemp is an Eco-conscious and natural materials awareness company.
We specialize in bringing quality Hemp products into everyday use and
supporting the usage of natural, biodegradable and ecological fibers.

All of our products are designed and customized by David W in the USA 

Our story starts in the villages of Nepal high in the Himalayas. In
2012, David, our founder, was travelling in Nepal and discovered raw
hemp and its fibrous qualities when transformed into wearable
clothing/bags. Hemp is known through history for its many uses:
fibers, health supplements and building materials included.
 The history of hemp in America goes back to the colonial times when
grown for the creation of sail and ropes for the British ships. in
recent history there has been a lull in the usage of hemp due to legal
problems. However in the past few years cannabis and hemp have been
gaining popularity and usage once more in America.
Here at Core Hemp we are happy and excited to be apart of the Hemp
revival. We work sustainable with local entrepreneurial women in Nepal
and it is equally important for us to design the best handcrafted
products while creating a safe and profitable work space for our
Nepalis friends and business partners.
Our mission is to bring hemp into popularity through clothing, health
and alternative building materials.
We thank you for your support and hope you are just as excited for this
beautiful gift called hemp. #Corehemp