Our story

Our journey at Core Hemp started in the heart of Nepal back in 2012. It wasn't just a trip; it was a profound experience that would shape the very soul of our brand.

During my time there, I found a temporary home with Gita, a remarkable woman with a story that touched my heart. Her resilience in the face of adversity was awe-inspiring.
Despite her struggles, Gita's spirit remained unbreakable. She wasn't just surviving; she was determined to help other women who were facing challenges just like hers – abuse, exploitation, and the struggle for basic necessities.

As we shared stories day after day, I realized that Gita's goodness wasn't limited to her own journey. Her heart held a vision to lift up women in the villages, to provide them with a chance at a better life. Her struggles had ignited a fire within her, a fire that aimed to light up the lives of others.

In the years that followed, my journeys back to Nepal were filled with Gita's unwavering spirit. It was during these moments that the 'Dream Catcher Nepali Foundation' took root – a platform where vulnerable women could come together, earn fair wages, share skills, and create products that didn't just stand for quality, but also for sustainability.

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