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Himalayan Hemp Messenger Bags


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    Core Hemp Originals Casual Crossbody Messenger Bag

    Handmade in the Himalayas from Organic Hemp Place of Origin - NepalSize - 6x7x4"Color - Neutral Beige Versatile and stylish, the Core Hemp Original...

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    Core Hemp Messenger Bag

    Handmade in the Himalayas from Organic Hemp Place of Origin - NepalSize - 12 H X11.5 L X 3 WColor - Neutral / Beige This Core Hemp Messenger Bag is...

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Organic Crossbody Hemp Messenger Bag Collection

Our Classic Hemp Messenger Bag Collection was designed by David, our founder together with artisans in Nepal where all our hemp bags are made with love. 

Core Hemp Messenger Bag Collection for Men & Women

Our founder, David, designed the Himalayan hemp messenger bag collection together with our dedicated artisans in Nepal in this creative collaboration for change.

They've put together the classic messenger bag with today's practicality to give you style in carrying what you need with you effortlessly. 

Each messenger bag made of fair trade Himalayan hemp in Nepal and is crafted and handmade with 100% vegan hemp.

If it matters to you that the pure hemp messenger bag you get, supports sustainable fashion that ensure the sustainable livelihood of the artisans that make it in Nepal while promoting the wellbeing of our planet earth. you've touched home base with Core Hemp.

Why Hemp is Eco-Friendly

By buying a pure hemp crossbody bag from Core Hemp you are becoming an advocate for change. 

This is your significant action into promoting good for our planet and sustaining our friends in Nepal and being earth-friendly - thank you!

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Can you wash a hemp messenger bag?

The fibers in hemp strengthen when put into water because it tightens them up.

To prevent hemp messenger bags from shrinking, the trick is to wash them in cold water. 

You can handwash it if you prefer but if you prefer using a washing machine all you need to do is set it on cold, usually symbolized by a snowflake. 

If you live in a place where the water is way too cold, go with the lowest temperatures possible.

Once the washing is ready and while your hemp bag is still wet, give it a good old tug to open it into its usual extended shape.

Try avoiding putting your organic hemp messenger bag in the dryer, it dries up pretty fast in most climates anyway.