Why Hemp is Eco-Friendly and the Key to a Sustainable Future

How is Hemp Good for the Planet?

Hemp breathes in CO2, regenerates the soil and supports sustainable farming.

Nothing goes to waste with hemp.

Hemp absorbs toxic materials.

Reforestation thrives with hemp.

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Industrial Hemp | Jack Whitley on TEDx

Hemp Fabric Facts

Why Sustainability Works

Core Hemp is dedicated to building sustainable business practices, both at home and abroad, and that’s never been more important than it is right now. We strive to uphold the Three Pillars of Sustainability; Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection.

Economic Development: We partner with local entrepreneurial women in Nepal to craft our hemp drawstring bags and other products, allowing them space to work their craft, while ensuring that they’re paid quickly and fairly, and without a third party taking a cut.

Social Development: Through our Dream Catcher Foundation, we’re helping local Nepalese women who are already doing the hard work of building up their communities. We seek to put funds in the hands of people who are living in the communities they’re helping, who know what the problems are, and are already working to find a solution with the means available to them.

Environmental Protection: Hemp is natural, biodegradable and has near infinite uses. The number of products that can be produced from hemp is staggering, from paper, rope, and textiles (like the ones used in our Hemp mini Backpacks) to plastics, skin care and even food! Choosing products made from materials that are biodegradable and earth friendly is a big part of protecting our planet

Why Hemp?

Did you know the first two drafts of the United States Constitution were written on hemp paper? As were the Gutenberg Bible and the works of Mark Twain and Victor Hugo? In fact, up until 1883, 75% to 90% of all the paper in the world was made from hemp. Hemp’s ability to grow and thrive on nearly every continent, along with its versatility has made hemp a power crop for large swaths of human history, and it’s only with recent legal struggles that it has fallen out of favor.

Core Hemp wants to see hemp make a comeback, to remind the world of why the plant has been known as “Sacred Grass” and “King of Seeds” across Asia, Europe and Africa. You can help put hemp back on top with our National Waist Pack or Hemp Casual Bag. You can also check out and find more information on hemp and hemp legislation.

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