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Free shipping in the continental United States
Free shipping in the continental United States

All of our hemp products are created with you in mind.

Our import policies ensure that all of our products are Fair Trade.

Handmade in Nepal with authentic organic Hemp

We stand by our products. We offer a 100% quality guarantee.

Our Handmade Himalayan Hemp Collection

About Core Hemp

Who We Are

At Core Hemp, sustainability and fashion go hand in hand. We focus on bridging the gap between high-quality hemp products (like our Boho Fanny Pack,) and ethical consumption. By partnering with local Nepali Craftswomen, Core Hemp is able to provide beautiful hemp messenger bags, hemp wallets, and more gorgeous hemp products all while creating profit and opportunity for our Nepali partners.

Hemp products are making a resurgence, and Core Hemp is helping lead the charge in a way that you can feel good about. Whether you choose one of our hemp backpacks, hemp messenger bags, or hemp fanny packs, you can rest easy knowing that you are directly supporting a talented Neplalese craftsperson and getting a great item at the same time.

Blog posts

  • What is hemp?
    August 23, 2021 Elisha Benjamin

    What is hemp?

    Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, but it contains very low levels of THC and can be used for many different purposes. While hemp may not have the same legal status in every country throughout the world, it does offer an interesting variety to people looking to make sustainable choices about their lifestyle. It's easy to see why this plant has been around since ancient times - its versatility makes it perfect for most needs!
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  • Hemp is Back In America
    July 2, 2018 Katherine Saab

    Hemp is Back In America

    These are revolutionary times we are living in. We are moving fast into the future and at the same time realizing the power of the wisdom of the past. One of the most powerful realizations we have just had is the many amazing, versatile, life changing benefits and uses of the hemp plant! Now, after years of prohibition, hemp farming is back in America. This could be the biggest change since the Declaration of Independence!
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