Hemp is Back In America

by Katherine Saab on July 02, 2018


These are revolutionary times we are living in. We are moving fast into the future and at the same time realizing the power of the wisdom of the past. One of the most powerful realizations we have just had is the many amazing, versatile, life changing benefits and uses of the hemp plant! Now, after years of prohibition, hemp farming is back in America. This could be the biggest change since the Declaration of Independence!

Historically, by the mid 1600’s, hemp was an important part of the economy of the American Colonies, which produced cordage, canvas, sacks, cloth and paper from hemp. The hemp fiber was so important to the new Republic’s economy that farmers were compelled, by patriotic duty, to grow it. The farmers were also allowed to pay taxes with it. After all, George Washington grew hemp and encouraged all farmers to do the same.

Thomas Jefferson bred and developed better varieties of hemp and invented a special brake for crushing the plant’s stems during fiber processing.


Flash forward to the date of this writing June 28, 2018 the Senate passes Farm Bill 86-11, including Hemp Farming Act provisions, allowing the cultivation of hemp, again, in the US. The lifting of this ban is a game changer for the creation of new industries that produce the many possible products that can be made from hemp.

“With respect to production, one researcher summed up the position of industrial hemp in the agricultural marketplace quite definitively when it was stated that:  No tree or plant species on earth has the commercial, economic, and environmental potential of hemp. Over 30,000 known products can be produced from hemp”@ (Environmental and economic benefits, 1996)

Already hemp CBD oil has become an in demand alternative remedy for many physical and emotional conditions. The CBD/Hemp remedies for humans have also been found to be a natural remedy alternative for our pets and farm animals.

Hemp skin care and cosmetics are fast becoming part of the mainstream beauty industry.

The numbers of traditional brands that are incorporating CBD and hemp oil in their products are growing daily.

Hemp fabric clothing and beautiful hemp accessories are quickly becoming preferred by both the environmentally aware and fashionistas!

Hemp fabric has the wonderful feature of being both soft and durable, making it a perfect material for the creation of backpacks, bags and waist bags. Hemp fabric also has antibacterial qualities, which is a perfect quality for bags that get tossed about with lots of various things inside.

If we went through the exhaustive list of products that can be made with hemp, anyone with an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit would be excited to imagine the possible opportunities. From products to manufacturing systems and equipment for those products, the new green economy possibilities begin to emerge.

Everything from nutrition and health remedies to clothing, auto parts, fuel, building materials, packaging materials, and the list goes on; hemp is the bio-regenerative answer to a renewed green economy that is just waiting to explode! A revolutionary time is upon us. Let’s Act! Support hemp any way you can!

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by Nancy Campbell on August 30, 2023

I love, love, love my backpack!!


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